TB-FD55 Folding Tool, 16 in 1, Orange

TB-FD55 Folding Tool, 16 in 1, Orange


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The Super-B Mini Tool will help you fix all kinds of breakdowns when on the road. This compact, 16-in-1 folding tool includes various allen keys, a T25 star screwdriver, a 15 mm pedal wrench, and more. This tool also comes with a brake piston press for bikes with disc brakes. All these tools can be folded into a compact design that comes with a neoprene cover for easy storage.

• Includes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 mm allen keys, T25 screwdriver, 1 Phillips screwdriver, 15 mm pedal wrench, 3.2/3.5 mm spoke wrenches, and Mavic 5.6 mm.
• Additional tools include tire lever, chain riveting tool, and a brake piston press.
• Neoprene cover included.
• Orange and silver in color.