Sports Ergonomic Bike Seat
Sports Ergonomic Bike Seat

Sports Ergonomic Bike Seat


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The Laterelle Sports model is ideal for a mountain bike, non-racing road bike, touring bike, hybrid bike (slim physique), city and commuter bike (slim physique), folding, juvenile, or exercise bike (slim physique). Laterelle's patented ergo-Beam fits naturally between the buttocks to hold the rider in a constant position, eliminating sideways movement of the hips that causes chafing and back pain. There is no contact AT ALL with the rider's central crotch area, removing all the unhealthy pressure and discomfort suffered with rounded, pear-shaped 'saddles'.

• Four dimensions of lateral support
• Flat rear section for anatomically correct support
• The patented ergo-beam means no chafing and no back pain
• Cutaway mid-section
• No pressure due to the lowered pommel