Mourenx 69 Disc Road Frame Small Black/Grey/Silver

Mourenx 69 Disc Road Frame Small Black/Grey/Silver


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Once you've broken away from the pack, you're completely on your own, fighting a seemingly endless battle. Luckily, you have the Mourenx 69 Caliper, a bike that makes you feel like you are reliving the greatest stage in the 1969 Tour de France, a day when the greatest cyclist ever took the lead and never looked back. This heroic solo 214.5km ride from Luchon to Mourenx provided the inspiration for the Mourenx 69, a racing bike specially designed for long distances.

The heart of this beast is a carbon frame that features one of the highest compliance to stiffness ratios on the market, while also providing a slightly longer head tube and shorter top tube, giving you a more forgiving position, which is crucial for long distance races. Escaping daily life and getting away from the crowd isn't easy, but go ahead and go for that long ride, you have the Mourenx 69.

  • Endurance geometry that will keep the rider comfortable as the miles add up during long rides and races
  • High quality carbon frame that provides the perfect ratio of compliance and stiffness
  • Sleek black and grey paint job to make you look like a World Tour winning pro
  • Ready for disc brakes and your choice of components
  • Frame Size: Small