Maastricht Workout Phone Armband

Maastricht Workout Phone Armband


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This smartphone holder from M-Wave is a great way to carry your device with you.  Simply place your smartphone in the holder, hook up your earbuds through one of the three exits, fire up your tunes, strap it on and go!  You'll be able to see your screen through the transparent window, and you can even manipulate it without removing it!  Perfect for the music to keep you motivated or the podcast to keep you entertained while on your journey.

  • Fits a variety of smartphone sizes, up to 6.5 by 4.3 inches
  • Contains 3 different exits for earbuds to suit your device's design
  • Fastens to the arm with elastic velcro
  • Transparent window gives access to screen, you can work the screen THROUGH the window!
  • Great for running or skating as well as cycling