Beat 30 Heart Rate Monitor
Beat 30 Heart Rate Monitor
Beat 30 Heart Rate Monitor

Beat 30 Heart Rate Monitor


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This is M-Wave's most advanced device yet!  The Beat 30 is the ideal workout partner and a perfect supplement to your bike computer.  Wireless transmission between the chest strap and display unit makes it a breeze to use.  In addition to the heart rate functions, this device will tell you: fitness index and level; calorie consumption and fat burnt; and will also function as a stop watch.  It can be worn as a watch or mounted on your handlebars, and the background can be illuminated with the push of a button.  Batteries are included!

  • Features wireless transmission between the HR monitor and 30 function watch
  • Functions include: current/average/minimum/maximum heart rate; 3 target heart rate zones with alarms; time inside/outside target zone; alarms can be visual or acoustic and volume can be adjusted
  • Background of display can be illuminated
  • Includes handlebar mount if you don't wish to wear as a watch; this allows for a quick visual check without taking your hands off the handlebars
  • Batteries for all components are included!

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