257 Multi-Fit Front Pizza Box Bicycle Basket

257 Multi-Fit Front Pizza Box Bicycle Basket


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Bicycle baskets are the definition of functionality. By simply clamping a bicycle basket to your handlebar or rack, you can easily carry more stuff to and from wherever you may be pedaling. You keep your hands where they belong and can balance the new weight appropriately. They can even help impact your wallet by saving money on gas when running errands.

Bicycle baskets help your health by getting you to exercise instead of hopping in the car for a short trip. By using a bicycle basket, you also get the peace of mind bicycling provides. You gain some simple time to yourself while you travel from point A to B giving you time to think or notice some details you simply sped past before.

• Two-piece legs offer 7.5" of length adjustability and can be mounted to the fork axle or eyelets
• Extended handlebar clamps allow greater clearance for shift and brake cables, and are enlarged to fit 1-1/4", 1" or 7/8" OD handlebars
• Gloss black powder coat finish
• 20.5" x 13" x 2" rail on sides and back
• Easy to install